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Whether buying or selling a business, we listen, understand, advise, and consult – a true partner. Grow your business, sell your business, or buy a business with business brokers at Brentwood Growth.

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Selling a Business

80% of business owners do not know the value of their business, yet the majority of their net worth and retirement rely on their business value. They have been head down, focused on running and growing the business, keeping clients and employees happy, and making a living. One day it will be time to turn the chapter and the value of the business will become a top priority. At Brentwood Growth, our business brokers provide complementary business valuations with zero commitment to help business owners begin the process of selling a business.

Brentwood Growth business brokers with you to arrive at a benchmark range of the worth of your business. You will know the value range, how we arrived at this conclusion, and the metrics that matter. You will understand terms like EBITDA, owner add-backs, seller's discretionary earnings, multiples, and how they impact the business value. With that information you will be in a better position to consider your options: Should I sell my business now or keep it and wait? Do I find a potential partner for growth or expansion? Do I continue to run the business, but now with the knowledge of the metrics that will determine the value of my business in the future?

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Leading Business Broker

We are a leading team of business brokers who assist business owners who want to sell their company now or enhance the value of their company for greater cash flow to prepare for the future sale of a business. We will help you determine the value of your business, find potential buyers for your business, and manage the sale process all the way from planning to closing for you.

We are not only a business broker – we are a partner and advisor. Our unique approach is to consult each of our clients through the entire process of selling or acquiring a business from beginning to end. We have years of experience in this process and will obtain the best offer for our clients, ensure that they know what to expect, and walk away from a closed deal satisfied.

Why Brentwood Growth

Disciplined Focus On Individuals and Small To Mid-Size Companies

We understand how to help in selling your business. We can perform the initial valuation, find potential buyers and manage the due diligence process all the way to close. Mid-size companies are often underserved in the sell of your business and we have extensive experience and knowledge to seamlessly counsel existing business owners through the sale of their business or the purchase of others.

Hands-On Partner-Oriented Approach

We are not just business brokers, we are very involved in each step of the process. We take the time to fully understand you, the nuances of the business, and exactly what the owner is wanting to accomplish.

Extensive Management, Operational, And Financial Experience

We have operated businesses and franchises, and have bought, sold, and advised many companies. We've raised equity and debt capital, and know how to prepare financial statements and due diligence documents. We fully understand where you stand and how to help you navigate through this process.

Track Record Of Success

Collectively, our partners have been involved with more than 20 acquisition and disposition transactions - the largest being over $80 million and the average approximately $4 million.

Trusted Partner

We are a leading business broker team whom you can trust because we understand you, what you want to accomplish, and will guide you through every step of the journey. We will be honest, transparent, and responsive while moving at your pace.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Meet Our Team

John Bartlett

John Bartlett is a former president of a $100 million company, which he helped to grow from $10 million over a 10-year period. He then negotiated terms that resulted in a successful sale of that business. Since that time, he has been involved in several acquisitions and divestitures as well as consulting many service and technology companies about sales and operational enhancement strategies. John understands the operational aspects of the market with a particular emphasis on marketing, sales and revenue growth process / strategy. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.

Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson has spent most of his career as an M&A and corporate development focused CFO of mid-market businesses. He was instrumental in all areas of successful divestiture and financing transactions in industries which include software, distribution, manufacturing, and logistics. He has closed just under $1 billion of M&A and financing transactions. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina.

Heather Cundey

Heather Cundey is an experienced business executive and franchise owner. With almost 30 years working for large New York public relations firms, Wall Street investment banks, a boutique financial advisor, and owning an interior design firm and franchise business, she has experienced all sides of companies and businesses. She understands the details of evaluating the proper balance of risk / return from an investment and work-life prospective. Having worked with franchisors she knows what to look for when selecting the right franchise match. Heather also is a marketing expert with a great understanding of the use of social media. She is a graduate of Cornell University.


Your Questions, Answered

How long does it usually take to sell a small business ?

Generally, it takes about six months from the time a business is listed to the closing of the transaction.

How is a business’s list price determined?

Your business should be listed for a realistic price that is close to what it will sell for, but at the same time, leave some room for negotiating. When determining the price, Brentwood Growth uses a combination of an EBITDA appropriate industry multiple.

What is the business sale process?

The sales process consists of listing the business, locating a buyer, negotiating the terms of the sale, executing a letter of intent, undertaking due diligence, and closing. Some of these tasks are the responsibility of the attorneys and CPAs that represent the sellers and buyers.

As a business owner, what are my responsibilities?

You have an obligation to tell the truth concerning the actual financial and market status of the business. After a buyer is found, you will most likely have to maintain and operate the business as you normally would between the time a contract is signed and the closing. We recommend that you have an attorney advise you of specific responsibilities and obligations.

Once my business is sold, what are my commitments as a previous owner?

Usually, the prior owner is required to stay on as an employee for a reasonable period to train the new owner and to introduce him or her to the customers, employees, and suppliers. Prior owners are compensated as an employee. Depending upon the circumstances and your level of interest in staying on, your time commitment could range from as little as a few weeks to several years.

Once a business is listed, how do you qualify potential buyers?

Generally, prospective buyers are questioned in-depth with respect to their financial resources as well as their business experience. In some cases, a buyer may need to give proof of liquid funds (capital) prior to making introductions to ensure that the buyer has the financial wherewithal to consummate the transaction.

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