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Involved in more than $400 million in transaction value.

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Maximize the value of your life's work

Full-service business advisory firm for service providers and contractors. We offer support from business valuations to closings. 

The process begins with a complimentary preliminary business valuation. In the valuation process we will discuss your objectives and business value expectations. From there we will both have a better idea if we want to proceed. If yes, we begin preparing the marketing materials for listing and moving ahead.

We have built a network of over 400 private equity firms, consolidators, and strategic buyers. Our team will carefully evaluate your company and identify the best investor partners that align with your goals and objectives. We will present your company to these potential buyers and manage the communication throughout the process. As offers come in, we will collect them and help you select the best fit.

Our approach ensures confidentiality and allows you to focus on running your business while we handle the intricacies of the transaction, including the due diligence process, legal review, and close of the transaction.

We get paid a success fee at closing. There is no retainer or monthly support fee. Our compensation is 100% success based.

Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Business Advisors

Maximizing the value of your business, obtaining multiple offers and giving you choices is our only objective.

Business Valuation

Our complimentary business valuation helps you understand your market value.

Goal Exploration

Whether you're looking to sell today or in 10 years our goal never changes - to maximize your value and experience. 

Sell for Maximum Value

Once you're ready to sell we use our network of over 400 investing partners to find the best fits and maximize your return. 

Why Brentwood Growth

Industry Specialization

We are not general business brokers. We are specialists in these sectors. We know these businesses from a revenue, financial, operational, workflow and staffing standpoint. We also know what buyers are looking for.

Experienced, Talented and Deep Team

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in finance, accounting, business appraisal, private equity, and law. With our team on your side, you can have confidence in the expertise and guidance we provide.

Buyer Network

We work with over 400 investing partners that are actively looking for businesses to purchase. We know exactly what they are looking for in size, revenue, location, and owner involvement. Our targeted outreach maximizes efficiency and protects confidentiality.

Successful Track Record

We listen, we understand, and we get deals done. 85% of our listings get closed within 6 months of us going to market. We are thorough in our assessment and will not move forward unless we are very confident in a success outcome.

100% Success-Based Compensation

There is no retainer or monthly support fee paid. All of our compensation is dependent on a success sale. If for any reason you change your mind about selling or are not satisfied about our performance you can cancel the agreement with no obligation.

Seller-Side Loyalty

We work exclusively for you - the seller. This is probably the first time and the only time you will go through this and it is a huge decision – we know that. We want to earn your trust, provide support, and advise all the way through. We are here to help you realize your best outcome.

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