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It is our belief that we should work to earn your trust and business, we should be your partner and advisor through the entire process, our interest should be 100% aligned with you and we should not get paid until the transaction is complete. 

Therefore, all of our compensation is success based and paid at closing. From when we start talking until a transaction is complete can take over 6-9 months.

We understand that and are committed to you through the entire process. Because our compensation is 100% performance based we are selective on the engagements we accept.

Unless we are confident, we can strong market interest, at price and terms you will accept and bring you multiple offers we will not take on the engagement.


Double Lehman Pricing Explained

Our pricing model is based on industry accepted Double Lehman scale. 

The Double Lehman Scale pays a commission of 10% on the first million, 8% on the second million, 6% on the third million, 4% on the fourth million and 2% for any amount in excess of $4 million.

The amount you pay all depends on the final purchase price of your business, which we make every effort to maximize. 

Double Lehman scale chart

To better understand what we would charge to sell your business, we recommend starting with a business valuation.

Why Work With Brentwood Growth

Access to Buyers

Over 400 private equity firms and consolidators that are actively looking to purchase.


Ensure the sale of your business remains confidential to avoid disruptions for you.

Industry Expertise

More than 20 acquisitions with transactions from $80 million with an average of $4 million.


Learn the value of your business and receive support with pricing to the market.


As your mediator, we work with you and the buyers to make sure both parties are satisfied.


Lead by a team with 75+ years of experience. Our experience ensures a smooth experience.

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