Tampa Mergers And Acquisitions

Tampa mergers and acquisitions can often times result in tremendous growth opportunities. However, mergers and acquisitions in Tampa FL often fail because the cultures of the two merging companies don’t mesh. Brentwood Growth Corporation can help make sure this doesn’t happen.

Why Culture is Critical to Successful Tampa Mergers and Acquisitions

Unfortunately, there are far too many examples of Tampa mergers and acquisitions that didn’t work out. When the parties involved in mergers and acquisitions in Tampa FL don’t address differences in culture early in the process, the consequences can be extremely negative.

The companies in Tampa mergers and acquisitions, for instance, may have different philosophies regarding workplace formality, or they may structure their pay differently. Parties in mergers and acquisitions in Tampa FL may not agree on a marketing and advertising strategy. They may simply find it nearly impossible to work together.

That’s why it’s so important to turn to a professional intermediary to facilitate mergers and acquisitions in Tampa FL. At Brentwood Growth, we will take into consideration all culture-related factors, as well as the more tangible business-related factors, when structuring this kind of transaction. We’ll take an honest look at the core values of both parties, and give frank recommendations as to whether these values can truly mesh.

How to Address Potentially Negative Culture Issues

There are ways you can reduce the potential for a “culture clash” of sorts that might threaten the success of the merger. These are just some you may want to consider.

  • Create a new culture, one that will encompass the core values of both companies. Talk to key employees to get their buy-in – those employees can then convince others that the merger will be a good thing for everyone.
  • Respond to any concerns your top talent may have so they may be more apt to stay rather than look for another job. The more stable your employee base is at the top, the better the chances the merger will work.
  • Encourage communication across different groups within the two entities. These newfound relationships can also increase the chances for success.

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