Orlando Existing Business For Sale

Keeping the fact that you have an Orlando existing business for sale quiet is of the utmost importance. At Brentwood Growth Corporation, we know that if word gets out about an existing business for sale in Orlando FL, the results can be devastating. Competitors can use that knowledge against you in ways you might not have ever considered before. But what about your employees? How can you possibly try to sell your company without telling them? Read on to find out.

Why You Shouldn’t Inform Employees About Your Orlando Existing Business for Sale

It almost seems cruel not to tell employees about your Orlando existing business for sale. After all, they’re the lifeblood of your company – a major reason why you expect to get a very good price for your existing business for sale in Orlando FL. But the best time to tell them is once the sale is complete. These are just some of the many important reasons why this is the case.

  • Confidentiality – As you already learned, confidentiality is critical for any Orlando existing business for sale. If you tell employees – even your most loyal, trustworthy ones – word could get out, either intentionally or not. That will expose your existing business for sale in Orlando FL to all kinds of problems.
  • Protecting your company’s value – You could have a well-meaning employee try to help boost the value of your existing business for sale in Orlando FL by talking about it. Unfortunately, when many people hear that a company is on the selling block they’ll jump to the wrong conclusions. That could lead to the loss of clients, or the loss of key members of your team because they thing the business is unstable.
  • Maintaining relationships – If too many people know you’re selling your company, that could result in panic. Employees may start quitting in droves, or they may start to worry that their future is uncertain.

How to Keep Your Intentions Quiet

When you work with Brentwood Growth, we’ll make sure only a select few know about your Orlando existing business for sale. Learn how by calling 908-377-7807 or contacting us online.