Miami Business Brokers

Whether you’re looking to sell your business to retire or any other reason, the Miami business brokers with Brentwood Growth Corporation are here to help. Our business brokers in Miami FL can give you tangible numbers to show the value of your company, and then help you get the maximum amount for your business. We’ll show you the steps you need to take in order to increase that value so that the company you built from the ground up remains successful for years to come.

How Our Miami Business Brokers Can Tell You What Your Business is Worth

Determining the value of a company isn’t an exact science, but our Miami business brokers come as close as possible. There are many different methods business brokers in Miami FL will use to calculate value. At Brentwood Growth, we only use the most fundamentally sound methods.

As all Miami business brokers know, buyers are only interested in companies that generate enough cash so that they’ll provide a solid return on investment. They want a predictable, regular stream of income. Brentwood Growth business brokers in Miami FL will work with you to determine the best strategies for maximizing your revenue growth.

Our business brokers in Miami FL also know that buyers love a clean balance sheet. They want a company with access to working capital, good relationships with all accounts (both payables and receivables), and they want a strong mix of long- and short-term debt. Not only will we help you show a favorable balance sheet, we’ll also help you obtain equity and/or debt capital if needed.

We’ve been exactly where you are – we’ve operated our own businesses, and we’ve also bought and sold company. Our experts have the skill and seasoning needed in order to help with your sale. This can be a very complex, very stressful undertaking. That’s why we’ll do all the heavy lifting, and we’ll also keep you fully informed every step of the way.

Talk to one of Brentwood Growth’s Miami business brokers to learn more about how we can help. Call 908-377-7807 or contact us online.