80% of business owners do not know the value of their business. It’s hard to keep up with the finer financial details when you are focused on running and maintaining a business. However, the majority of business owners rely on their business value to sustain their lifestyle during retirement or after the sale of the business. That’s why it is super important to carefully plan for the sale of your business to ensure your business holds enough value so you may live comfortably after its sale. There are a few different ways to calculate the value of your business, but the best way to determine how much your business is worth is with a business evaluation. Business Broker Maryland – Brentwood Growth will help you make the right decision with correct information.

With a proper business valuation, you will be able to answer for yourself, “Should I sell my business today, or keep it for the next 2-5 years? If I keep it what should I focus on to increase the value of my business and make it more marketable to prepare for its sale?”

Maryland Business Consultants and Brokers

Business Broker Maryland – Brentwood Growth knows exactly what you’re going through and how to help you make the right decision. We have dealt with the process of buying and selling businesses ourselves, and we’re keenly aware of how stressful it can be. Knowing your business valuation, is this the right time to sell, who are potential buyers, what the due diligence process – is difficult.

Business Broker Maryland – Brentwood Growth takes great pride in working with business owners to make the right decision with the correct information. We will work at your pace to plan a business succession strategy that ensures you exit the company at your own pace and on your own terms.

Some of the questions we can help you answer are:

  • What is the business actually worth?
  • How do you value a business?
  • Who would be the buyer and what would they expect from me post-sale?
  • How to increase the value of my business?
  • How many times EBITDA is a business worth?
  • What are factors that influence EBITDA multiples?

What to Expect When You Work With Business Broker Maryland – Brentwood Growth

Business Broker Maryland – Brentwood Growth has extensive experience connecting investors and business owners selling their company. We view all of our clients as true partners, and always work with their best interests in mind.

The process starts with a business valuation. The process takes 2-4 weeks and we do not charge for the initial valuation – we consider it our investment in the relationship.  There is no commitment for you going forward, we simply hope that you will consider us for one of the above when the timing is right.

With that information you will be in a better position to consider your options:

  1. A possible sale in the near future.
  2. Find a potential partner for growth or expansion.
  3. Continue to run the business, now with the knowledge of the metrics that will determine future value.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You!

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