If you’re looking for Business Broker Long Island – Brentwood Growth staffed with experts who will be passionate about helping you succeed, you’ve found it in Brentwood Growth. We offer a wide range of business broker services that help clients efficiently close transactions in a manner that helps them realize positive outcomes. Whether you’re trying to maximize the value of a company you’re trying to sell, or you want to purchase a business that fits your specific objectives, Business Broker Long Island – Brentwood Growth is ready to help.

Some of the questions our business consultants and brokers can help you answer are:

  • What is the business actually worth?
  • How do you value a business?
  • Who would be the buyer and what would they expect from me post-sale?
  • How disruptive would a sale process be and what if my competitors or employees found out?
  • How is EBITDA used to value a business?
  • If I wait what should I focus on to better prepare the business to be sold and increase the value?

Reasons to Turn to Business Broker Long Island – Brentwood Growth

Many different types of clients have chosen Business Broker Long Island – Brentwood Growth, and for many different reasons. These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy from our business broker services:

  • Your success will be our success: We view all of our clients as true partners. We’re not just brokers – we go to great lengths to gain a comprehensive understanding of all your objectives. You can focus on other matters while we deal with all the details concerning your transaction. Above all, we are committed to providing our clients with the most accurate information in regards to the sale of their business.
  • We’re always accessible: When we provide business broker services, we do so with a great deal of transparency. We’ll move at the pace that’s most comfortable for you, and we’ll be here if you have any questions or concerns.
  • We have a strong track record of success: Over the years, we’ve taken care of more than 20 disposition and acquisition transactions. The average value of these transactions is $4 million, but we’ve facilitated deals for more than $80 million. Every professional on our staff is a true expert in Business Broker Long Island – Brentwood Growth. We have the perspective of a skilled intermediary, but we also have tangible experience buying and selling our own companies.

The process starts with a business valuation. It takes 2-4 weeks and we do not charge for the initial valuation – we consider it our investment in the relationship.  There is no commitment for you going forward, we simply hope that you will consider us for one of the above when the timing is right.

With that information you will be in a better position to consider your options:

  1. Should I sell my business now or in the near future?
  2. Finding a potential partner for growth or expansion.
  3. Continuing to run the business, now with the knowledge of the metrics that will determine future value.

Take Advantage of our Insight

If you are ready to learn more about Business Broker Long Island – Brentwood Growth, please contact our business consultants and brokers at your earliest convenience. You can use our online form or call 908-377-7807.