SEO Lead Generation

Lead Generation Through SEO Will Increase the Value of Your Business

Is your business showing up on the first page of Google search results? If the answer is no, you are missing out on significant revenue growth and subsequent higher valuation opportunities for the company you have worked so hard to build.

Buyers are looking for companies that have predictable, sustainable, and growing revenue that is driven by systems and processes. A buyer will be concerned when:

  • Revenues are not growing
  • Growth is dependent upon the founder
  • No process is in place post-sale to drive revenue growth

SEO Lead Generation

A business cannot have revenue growth without consistent lead generation (those interested in your products or services to solve their problem or desire). Lead generation generally falls into two categories:

  • Outbound Lead Generation – email campaigns, cold calls, advertising, and direct mail
  • Inbound Lead Generation – SEO, social media, and pay-per-click

Each is effective and should be implemented as part of an overall strategy long before you think about selling your business because this is not something a buyer will be interested in fixing when they purchase a new business. In fact, they will want to see that this work has already been done, it has been successful, and the metrics are there to support it.

Creating Steady Website Traffic with SEO

Steady Lead Flow = Revenue Growth = Higher Valuation

A vital source of lead flow needs to be website traffic. Chances are, you’ve invested quite a bit of time and money on your website. Your prospective customers need to be able to find your website when conducting a search to solve a problem or find a product/service. Being found by Google and other search engines is paramount. Three points to be mindful of:

  • Searches today influence over 80% of buying decisions.
  • 94% of individuals searching skip the paid ads and go to the organic search results.
  • Obtaining and maintaining first-page organic (non-paid) placement is the key.

SEO Website Optimization

You want your business to be found with key search terms just under the ad section on the first page. To achieve top organic results like this, the following steps must be taken:

  • Your website should be fresh, current, fast, and mobile optimized.
  • Install Google Analytics and monitor your monthly traffic volume.
  • If you are paying for Pay-Per-Click ads, reconsider the effectiveness (remember that 94% skip paid ads).
  • Find a trustworthy SEO company to help you get organic placement.
  • Monitor the progress.

The cost of optimizing your website will vary depending on the industry you are in and where your prospect base comes from. You should be prepared to spend at least $500 a month. Within 90 days you will see both your page rankings and traffic flow significantly increase. It may take another 90 days for the traffic flow to convert into leads and customers.

SEO Impact

By 12 months you will see significant traffic, lead flow, conversion, and as a result, revenue growth. From this point, you simply need to ensure that your page ranking remains high, and the leads will continue to flow.

This is what buyers want to see: that the work has been done, the process is in place, and subsequently, their risk is reduced.

Bottom line: being able to show robust website traffic and lead flow can make a significant difference in the price you’ll be able to fetch for your business.

Brentwood Growth realizes how essential this is in the marketplace and we’ve established a way to help businesses get this type of placement and subsequent traffic, lead flow, and revenue growth. We will perform an audit of your current website, traffic, and processes, and assess when improvement can be made. From this, we will create landing pages that will be added to your website and will drive your search traffic. You will see significant first-page placement within 90 days or we will refund your outlay. 

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