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Complimentary Business Valuation

In order to receive the highest value for your business, you need to prepare well in advance.

A business valuation not only shows what your company is worth, but also helps you determine when is the best time to sell. You may be better off selling now, or waiting for more growth.

The Brentwood Growth professional business brokers provide free comprehensive business valuations with zero commitment.

Please contact us below to schedule a free consultation with one of our business brokers who can walk you through the full business valuation process. 


Answered by Expert Business Brokers

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Generally, it takes about six months from the time a business is listed to the closing of the transaction.

Your business should be listed for a realistic price that is close to what it will sell for, but at the same time, leave some room for negotiating. When determining the price, Brentwood Growth uses a combination of an EBITDA appropriate industry multiple.

The sales process consists of listing the business, locating a buyer, negotiating the terms of the sale, executing a letter of intent, undertaking due diligence, and closing. Some of these tasks are the responsibility of the attorneys and CPAs that represent the sellers and buyers.

You have no obligation to tell the truth concerning the actual financial and market status of the business. After a buyer is found, you will most likely have to maintain and operate business as you normally would between the time a contract is signed and the closing. We recommend that you have an attorney advise you or specific responsibilities and obligations.

Usually, the prior owner is required to stay on as an employee for a reasonable period to train the new owner and to introduce him or her to the customers, employees, and suppliers. Prior owners are compensated as an employee. Depending upon the circumstances and your level of interest in staying on, your time commitment could range from as little as a few weeks to several years.

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