Would you rather deal with the complexities of selling a company alone, or would you rather work with a skilled, experienced business broker in New Jersey? Navigating this field alone is stressful, and a business consultant from Brentwood Growth can guide you through the process. First, we begin with a free business valuation from a New Jersey business broker to set you in the right direction. We believe the best decision is an informed one, and we are here to fully equip you with all of the information you will need to successfully sell your business in New Jersey the way you want to. A business valuation will help you make sense of the complexities of your business before the sale.

Myths About Company Valuations

One of the biggest advantages of hiring Brentwood Growth to be your New Jersey business broker is that we know how to maximize the value of a company. Each of our New Jersey business brokers has the skill and knowledge to get the highest purchase price possible for the company you’ve worked so hard to build. But there are a lot of misconceptions regarding exactly what goes into determining a company’s value. Here are just a few of them:

  • The value of my business only matters when I’m ready to sell – This is probably one of the more common misconceptions our clients have when they hire us as their New Jersey business broker. The best time to evaluate your company is actually long before you choose to sell. On average, you should begin planning two years in advance. The information you obtain can be incredibly useful, as it will show you how to not only increase cash flow but also eventually increase the value of your business for when you are ready to sell.
  • If your company isn’t turning a profit, you shouldn’t expect to get much – While profitability is important, of course, an unprofitable company can still hold a great deal of value. Your business may have proprietary software or other intangibles that hold immense potential. A Brentwood Growth, our business brokers in New Jersey will show you how you could still receive a high purchase price even if you aren’t turning a profit.
  • You’ll make as much as your competitors did when they sold their business – At Brentwood Growth, our New Jersey business brokers honor transparency. Just because a competitor made two times revenues when selling their business, that doesn’t mean you can assume the same will hold true for your business. With a business valuation, you will be able to see the estimated value of your business, which will reveal how you compare to other businesses sold within your industry.

Talk to a New Jersey business broker with Brentwood Growth to learn more and receive a free consultation and business valuation — no commitment required. Call 908-377-7807 or contact us online for more information.