Deciding when you want to sell your business can make or break its value and the payout you receive for its sale. This is a huge decision for any business owner and should be considered very carefully. Business Consultant Florida – Brentwood Growth can assist you in making a thoughtful and informed decision that results in a favorable payout during your time of sale.

Consider these questions:

  • What is the current value of my business? What could I receive for my business if I were to list it for sale today?
  • What is the future market value of my business? Is the industry predicted to spike or dip in the coming years?
  • If I wait to sell my business, what should I focus on to increase its value and better prepare the business for a sale?

Selling a Business in Florida — Brentwood Growth Business Brokers

Business Consultant Florida – Brentwood Growth realizes that business owners thinking about selling their business tend to fall into three categories:

  1. Florida business owners eager to sell their business now
  2. Florida business owners who want to sell their business soon, but in the next 2-5 years
  3. Business owners that want to sell in 5+ years down the line but are interested in preparing their business now for a future sale.

Each line of thinking requires different questions and concerns, however, each needs the correct information to make an informed decision.

Business Consultant Florida – Brentwood Growth believes the first step in the process of selling your business is to obtain a business valuation. This valuation is truly helpful in making a strategic decision. At Brentwood Growth, our Florida business consultants offer a free business valuation at no cost. There is no commitment to work with us in the future as we consider this an investment in our relationship.

Once you have this detailed valuation, you can better decide if it is best to sell your business now, in 2-5 years from now, or in the more distant future.

Business Consultant Florida – Brentwood Growth can help you identify the critical areas to focus on in order to increase the value of your business and place it in a better position to sell.

Here is a brief list of several items we might suggest you consider when determining a timeline for selling your business, using the Brentwood Growth value enhancement:

  1. Higher net margins – get net margins with “owner add-backs” over 20%
  2. Strong revenue growth post COVID – get 2021 revenue back to 2019+ levels and 20%+ going forward
  3. Client Diversification – good client roster with not one client 20%+ of sales
  4. Reoccurring revenue – have as much as possible contractual, stable and predictable revenue
  5. Clean balance sheet – strong working capital position with little debt
  6. Management team depth – business not solely dependent on you, have a bench

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Business Consultant Florida – Brentwood Growth provides each client with a free business valuation so that they decide where they are in the selling process. If after receiving the valuation you decide now is the best time to sell my business, we can manage your company’s listing and diligence process. If you decide to wait a few years given the current market of your industry, our Florida business brokers and consultants can help you structure a plan to increase your company’s value over the next several years to prepare it for sale.

We do not charge for this valuation as it is our investment in the relationship and gives you a chance to work with us.

Looking for a free consultation or business valuation with a professional Florida business broker? Call Business Consultant Florida – Brentwood Growth at 908-377-7807 or use our online contact form.