You want to be able to trust that Business Broker Florida – Brentwood Growth you hire to help sell your company are not only experienced but also have a track record of success. We’re staffed with a team of experts who have owned and sold their own businesses, so we know how to maximize the value of the company you’ve worked so hard to grow.

How Our Business Broker Florida – Brentwood Growth Can Help You Find the Right Buyer

If you’re looking to get the maximum amount of exposure and value for your company, Business Broker Florida – Brentwood Growth is ready to help. We have a deep understanding of the three different types of buyers, and our business brokers also know how to find a buyer who will meet your exact objectives. Here’s a quick look at the three main categories in which most buyers fall into.

  • Financial buyers: These are people who are primarily interested in buying a company as an investment. They have no desire to involve themselves in the day-to-day operations of the businesses they buy. This type of buyer wants solid proof of demonstrated, sustainable revenue growth.
  • Owner/operators: A buyer falling into this category will be hands-on, and will plan to take on an active management role. Like financial buyers, they want to see solid, consistent cash flow.
  • Strategic buyers: These buyers are similar to financial buyers. They may be looking to buy a business that will stand on it’s own, or one they can consolidate into their existing operations.

No matter what type of buyer fits best with your goals for the future, our business brokers of Business Broker Florida – Brentwood Growth will make sure it’s a perfect match. Business Broker Florida – Brentwood Growth will be just as interested as you are in finding the maximum amount of value for your company.

Receive a Complimentary Business Valuation

Business Broker Florida – Brentwood Growth offers a free business valuation for business owners ready to sell their business. This valuation allows business owners to see where they currently stand in the decision-making process to sell their business.

Our business valuation process is thorough and takes around 2-4 weeks to complete. We do not charge for the valuation and there is zero commitment. We view the valuation as an investment in you as a potential client of Brentwood Growth.

Contact Business Broker Florida – Brentwood Growth

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